Korrö STF Hostel and Hotel

Korrö Hantverksby (arts and crafts village) is located at the point where the Ronnebyån river splits. Here you will find the hotel & hostel, restaurant and café all at the riverside. Outdoor activities for young and old.

Hosts: Familjen Abrahamsson

Facilities: Accommodation in comfortable rooms, some with private shower and toilet. Restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Suitable for weddings, parties and conferences.
Sauna and hot tub for rent.

Nearest train station: Lessebo, 20 km. Bus to Växjö, 41 km.

Things to see and do: STF’s Nature and Culture experience of the year (2011) - Health & Gourmet walking-tour, canoeing, hiking trails, cycle routes, fishing, meadows reserve. Old arts and crafts village with shop, mill, dye-works, sawmill from the 19th century. The Kingdom of Crystal (25 minutes) and 122an Lantliv & Design (creative businesses) nearby.

STF Korrö Gårdshotell
360 24 Linneryd
Phone: +46 (0)470 34249


Långasjö Hostel STF

Unique accommodation in the old church stables, in a beautiful countryside environment with a bathing lake.

Host: Sissi Hanemann-Mutz

Facilities: Comfortable rooms with 2-5 beds. Breakfast buffet during summer season. Arts and crafts shop, emigrant museum, cycles and boats for rent, fishing permits, etc.

Things to see and do: Bathing and fishing facilities (100 m), Klasatorpet (1.5 km), art gallery (200 m), the Kingdom of Crystal with a number of glassworks nearby, golf course (10 km).

Nearest train station: Emmaboda, 10 km. Kalmar Öland Airport and Växjö Småland Airport, 60 km.

STF Hostel Långasjö
Kyrkvägen 39
361 95 Långasjö
Phone: +46 (0)471-50310, +46 (0)70-3644482


Moshult Hostel

The main building was the new school and was finished in 1936. It belonged to the military from 1958 to 1979. In 1982 Moshults Vandrarhem was born.
Located in Vilhelm Moberg’s birthplace in the emigrant district, in the heart of the Kingdom of Crystal.

Hosts: Katti & Leif

Facilities: Open all year. Accommodation in comfortable two beds room. Breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner for booked groups. Small shop in the garden where you can buy cold drinks, cycles for rent.

Things to see and do: Guided tour in Vilhelm Moberg’s home village and old school, walking/cycling paths, the Moberg memorial stone, the Plague Graveyard, the Emigrant District. A number of nearby glassworks within 30 km. The outlet shops at Kosta. Parish museum, 14 km.

Nearest train station: Emmaboda, 9 km.

Moshult’s Hostel
361 91 Emmaboda
Phone: +46 (0)763-13 48 39


Grimsnäs Herrgård B&B

This newly-renovated manor lies in the middle of a beautiful oak forest. We offer Bed & Breakfast accommodation in the manor house and in Magasinet. We have a summer-open restaurant (the rest of the year it is bookable for groups) Always prebook! Access to a lovely large garden with a pavilion, garden furniture and barbeque facilities.

Hosts: Sune & Mia Markmann

Facilities: Breakfast buffet. Lunch and dinner for booked groups. Bicycles for rent.

Nearest train station: Lessebo, 10 km. Växjö 45 km, Kalmar 85 km. Bus to/from Växjö, bus stop 300 meters away

Things to see and do: A number of nearby glassworks at 3-30 km. Handmade paper production at Lessebo Handpappersbruk. Emigrant memorial at Åkerby crossroads, Korpamoen and museum. Swimming and fishing lake (3 km). Walking and cycling paths.

STF Grimsnäs Herrgård
360 53 Skruv
Phone: +46 (0)478-20400


Abrahams Camp

We offer a resort with different posibilities of overnight stay. A high personal touch, top quality, and good service. There are a lot of interesting places to visit. We provide in- and outdoor games for children and teens. We have a small restaurant for breakfast and fingerfood at evening time. Abrahams Camp is located at lake Kalven wich is connected to Lake Kinnen. Good fishing lakes with the fishes: walleye, pike and perch. The campsite is located in the middle of a hiking, cycling and biking paradise. The forest is full of mushrooms, berries, and wildlive and just 2 steps away.

Hosts: Anemiek and Rik Cornelissen

Abrahams Camp
Abrahamshult 5
36298 Älmeboda