The Emigrant Route in Småland

Småland! Chirping birds, the smell of the fir forest and absolute silence. Through forests and meadows, along lakes and stone walls, past cottages and fences… here you will experience the real Småland – on foot, by bike or in a canoe.

This is the native home of author Vilhelm Moberg! Important moments in history are tangible when you pass through the well-known villages and other locations which feature in Moberg’s world-famous novel suite The Emigrants. The villages of Ljuder, Långasjö, Korpamoen, Moshult and Duvemåla, which all play a role in the novels, really exist. In Småland.

The emigrant route is part hiking trail and part cycle route. And some parts also allow canoeing. Both routes are round trips with accommodation facilities at convenient intervals.

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